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Wedding bands in Peoria, IL

Congratulations! You and your new fiancé have just shared a beautiful one of a kind proposal and it’s almost time for the big day. Your wedding is going to be one of the most important days of your lives, so it’s important that you have fun and love every minute of it-and that starts with choosing the perfect wedding band for both of you.

With dozens of options for both his and hers wedding bands, Jones Bros Jewelers is the go to jeweler in the Peoria area. With a multitude of designers and styles, we’re sure to find a wedding band for you that matches with your taste and personality.

As a piece of jewelry that binds you and your partner into one, it truly is important that both of you love your own ring. While many opt for bands that match, it is by no means a requirement or a tradition. So if the two of you have opposing tastes, while it may look nicer in photos if they match, choosing one that matches your own personal style comes first.

Another point of contention is if a bride’s wedding band has to match her engagement ring, and we’re here to tell you Of course not! We want you to be happy with whatever you put on your finger, be they different metals or different styles. Your wedding ring is a reflection of you, not of tradition or rules.

For this, we’ve curated a collection of designers that we trust to create top quality designs. Now celebrating their 50th anniversary, Stuller is a lovely brand with bold designs for both his and hers wedding bands. Committed to only using 100% recycled metals, Stuller also receives rough diamonds directly from the worlds leading supplier, allowing them to create a consistent and clean cut that represents the brands quality.

With bands made out of platinum, titanium, silver, and 14k white gold and rose gold, the brand is most known for their interesting use of texture in each of their pieces. Ornamental elements like milgrain detailing, grooved lines and a hammered finish are common in these exquisite wedding bands. Determined to create stylish and contemporary wedding rings for men, the innovative team behind Triton jewelry has been a leading designer in the industry since 1989.

The brand is most known for designing fearless pieces that range from modern to classic and uses contemporary metals such as their patented Triton Tungsten Carbide. For this process, the team takes the natural deep gray color of the metal and brings an enhanced lively appearance to it through nano-technology coating.

Also designed to provide extra protection and durability, the brand’s white, black, yellow and rose triton tungsten carbide are wonderful choices to give his wedding band the luster it deserves. After opening their doors in Brooklyn in 1850, ArtCarved has grown and expanded their company into a worldwide empire providing unique wedding rings.

Offering rings in metals like 14k gold, titanium and tungsten carbide, the designer is famous for their intricate geometric patters on the inside of the band. Often times a different color metal than what is presented outside, the hidden ornamentation ranges from a satin finish to waves to twisting ropes in milgrain detailing.

Whatever your style may be, we are beyond honored that you’ve chosen us to help you find the perfect wedding band. Visit our Peoria, IL location today for an experience you won’t forget.

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