The Bobfather

The Bobfather

Get Your Engagement Ring from Jones Bros. & The Bobfather will Reward Your Loyalty

When you buy your engagement ring at Jones Bros., you become part of our family. And family is everything to The Bobfather.

So, when you make that purchase, The Bobfather will do the traditional thing and hand you an envelope to celebrate your marriage and your loyalty. Inside, he’s placed a gift worth up to $500 toward the purchase of your wedding band.

This gift will be yours on one important condition: you must not open the envelope until you come back to shop for your wedding band. The envelope must be opened in-store, at Jones Bros. Jewelers, where you’ll always be family.


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Receive a "Bobfather Envelope" with any engagement ring purchase. The offer inside is valid when opened in-store, for the purchase of your wedding band.

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