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Bracelets in Peoria, IL

There’s a reason why some of us wear our hearts on our sleeves, and that’s because we all love bracelets. For many of us, we have a big collection of these wrist pieces that we’ve gathered and added on to for many years. Some use the space as a demonstration of their personality and changing style, opting for a different bracelet or a new assortment every day.

Others tell a story with their bracelets, use them as mementos to be put on a permanent display. Whatever the case may be, we at Jones Bros Jewelers know the strong place bracelets have in our hearts and are proud to have curated a glorious collection of pieces with such caliber.

From brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel come the artistic design team behind Gabriel & Co. New York City-based, the pieces by this dynamic duo represent the timelessness and contemporary energy the city is known for. In this Yellow Gold Bujukan Bangle, elegance meets the fun that is fashion jewelry.

Two rigid rows of yellow gold beads about an inch apart from the skeleton of this bracelet, with two bars at the end connecting the two and maintaining the form of the bangle. Occupying the negative space in between the two are eleven diamond-shaped diamond clusters held in place by small gold rods stemming from each beaded row.

While the shimmering color contrast between the yellow gold and the diamonds brings regality into the equation, the shape and structure of the bangle evoke the playfulness of a merry-go-round, making it the perfect piece for just about anybody.

Inspired by the artisanship behind the jewelry making of Bali, John Hardy has used the island’s ethos of community and sustainability since 1975 to create one of a kind designs that we are humbled to carry. From their classic chain collection comes this Large Palu Cuff Bracelet.

As the wide cuff bracelet makes its way around the wrist, it begins to narrow down and forms a rounded point at both ends. A flattened box chain lines the edges and acts as the framework of the bracelet. In between the two chains is a hammered down sterling silver patch that follows and fills the framework in its entirety. The texture is a key component in this bracelet and offers an added element of contrast in this wholly sterling silver piece.

As one of the biggest names in fine jewelry, Iranian Benjamin Javaheri has raised his brand Uneek to unparalleled standards that features extraordinary detail. Blending contemporary American boldness with the passion of old metalworking, Uneek gives us this charming 14k White Gold Bangle Bracelet.

With a base of beads around the bracelet, it is broken up by a pattern of five diamond shapes, and four round shapes in between them. The diamond shapes themselves also lined with beads, the inside features a cluster of pave diamonds that pair elegantly with the white gold. The smaller rounded shapes, too, feature a cluster of pave diamonds. Held together by a clasp of box tab inserts, the different geometric shapes in this band will be the stand out of your collection.

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