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Gold rings in Peoria, IL

Prized for its malleability and corrosion resistance, gold has been a popular go-to metal for jewelry for centuries. It’s shine and lack of oxidization also increase its value and give this noble metal that special quality that makes it the perfect choice to celebrate a special occasion.

At Jones Bros Jewelers, we are proud to carry Louisiana based jeweler Stuller in both white, yellow and rose 14k gold. With a wide selection of designs for both men and women, we feel very passionately about their gold ring collection.

Firstly, we have this stunning 14K Rose Gold Beaded Fashion Ring. Featuring four interlocking strands of beaded rose gold, it will add a lovely difference in texture to your growing collection.

About a quarter way up the band, sleekness turns into beads, with the bottom strand maintaining its parallel shape as the top band slightly rounds upwards.

Inside, the middle two create a criss-cross shape that holds the expanded design together before they meet and merge into sleek metal at the bottom. The final look when gazed at as a whole evokes the feeling of a tiara, with the dazzling regality to match.

A staple in men’s jewelry fashion for thousands of years, signet rings have been used as a method of stamped authenticity since ancient Mesopotamia. Today, designers like Stuller reimagine the classic piece by giving it a modern spin. This 14k White Gold Oval ring features a flat, un-ornamented face that gives the ring a crisp sleek look.

On the side of the band runs three tubes of white gold that enlarge as they get closer to the surface to open up and showcase diamonds as bright as headlights on both sides. Despite the surface lacking detail, the joint rounded shape of both the diamonds and the clean surface on top, in addition to their similarly silver-colored sheen unites the two elements and completes the ring as a wonderfully detailed piece.

Signet Rings are featured again in Stuller’s collection, but this time as a bold 14k Yellow Gold octagon. As the remainder of the band maintains that sleekness that we enjoy from a gold ring, the octagonal surface features a rough sand finish, adding an added layer of texture while still upholding the elegant shine.

As the band makes its way upwards, it thickens and follows the strict lines of the face and features a lovely swirl pattern on the profile, adding another element of ornamentation. Still maintaining simplicity, this geometric ring uses three distinct textures to keep the eye occupied.

In this 14k Yellow Gold Wide Fashion Ring, Stuller uses different sized beads to make a statement. Repeated throughout the entirety of the band are large beads directly beside each other, lining the center.

Holding them in place are two thick tubes that line the entirety of the rims, with medium-sized beads right after them, along the outside of the band. The precision and uniformity of this ring transform the otherwise roughness of the multiple patterns into a polished cohesive look.


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