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For decades Gabriel&Co. has been innovating jewelry design. The designer’s artistry has crystalized its trustworthy reputation and earned its solid place in the industry.

For Gabriel & Co. engagement rings are unique and timeless, every detail about them carries the spell of time and centenary magic from nature.

To this extent, we esteem and cherish every detail when manufacturing and besting natural miracles into fantastic pieces to be worn by women and men.

Engagement rings are like a group of amazing stories in which everyone will find something of their own. Gabriel & Co. enhances the happiest moment of your life embodied in amazing jewelry to help express the most tender feelings by capturing declarations of love into a suitable adorning piece. Let us be in charge of your joy!

Our classic diamonds are altogether captivating and inspired by elegant and ageless designs that will be treasured for many years to come.

Explore our white gold rings, decorated with pearls, diamonds, and precious stones; they come in heart, oval, baguette, and even pear shapes. Here we have a simple and affordable way to purchase singular engagement rings online with the assurance that talented experts are behind every clever design.

We are proud to offer yellow, white, and rose gold rings in abundance and different price ranges following the budget of each client. Gabriel & Co. has heart-stopping sapphire options as well, and an incredible assortment of wideband rings that can be worn comfortably while mesmerizing with lustrous reflections. For a bold statement, we suggest blended metals with cascading diamonds or leafy and intricate rings.

Following the Victorian trend, we have the most iconic vintage selection to choose from. They not only look amazing but favor a variety of outfits.

Square, crown-like, and flower designs are also available. For yellow gold lovers, unveil our most adorable star-sprinkled pieces or make a statement with navette sapphires or shop our twisted band models that come with layers of metal juxtaposed or in wavy golden bands. We take yellow gold adornments to majestic scales!

For long-lasting and affordable gifts, embark on a journey through our selection and individualize them for the person you hold dear—they are fashionable with a glamorous air, not to mention they are sure to draw smiles of surprise.

For a more minimalist take, we have jewelry with soft lines to pick from and very feminine designs in yellow, rose, and white gold. Then again, if looking for larger rings, we showcase infinite possibilities of wider bands showered in diamonds and nearly regal designs.

Gabriel & Co. has decades of expertise and savoir-faire, our professionals are true masters of the trade who understand patient and meticulous work. A jewel crafted in one of Gabriel & Co.’s ateliers is a piece of art with nonequivalent.

We provide an enchanting range of engagement rings that will enhance the look of any other jewelry you may have in your collection. Gabriel & Co. makes it easy to find engagement rings online with astonishing genuine beauty and specialized craft.

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