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The Anniversary Diamond

The engagement ring you gave your wife is her most treasured jewelry. It told her you love her madly. An Anniversary Diamond is the only jewelry in the world that will mean even more.

And saying it is simple. If you gave her a 1/2 carat or 1 carat engagement ring, giving her a 1 or 2 carat Anniversary Diamond will say, very clearly,

"I love you twice as much today, as the day we were married"

If that’s exactly what you’d like to tell your wife, Jones Brothers is just the place.

  • • We’ve spent years gathering 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 carat diamonds chosen for their blend of impact, brilliance, and value.
  • • Nobody has a better selection of big diamonds chosen because they say it loud and clear
  • • You’ll find a nearly endless selection of bigger bolder mined & lab grown diamonds. If you have a preference, have the diamond with the most value and pop
  • • Saying you love her two, even three times as much as way back when is more affordable than ever with a lab grown stunner. You might pay less today for twice the diamond you originally purchased..but only at Jones Bros.

Ready to say all “it” loud and clear? Want to shout it to the moon so all can hear?

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